We build speakers and speaker kits for customers who desire an honest speaker that works as intended, without all the hype that is so prevalent in both the high end and low end of audio. With roots back to 1971, we are not a company that just hangs our name on a cheap import. In fact, other than a few parts we can't get locally, our speakers are built right here in Seattle!

SL Speakers was created in 2008 when Speakerlab partnered with Cello Technologies to help them create new versions of Speakerlab's historic speakers and speaker kits. The first project was the Point1; a new version of the beloved Speakerlab .1. Developed with input from all the original Speakerlab engineers, the Point1 (quickly followed by the rest of the 'Point Line') met all the updated design criteria, including linear response on and off axis, point source imaging, better power handling, and deeper bass. This was followed by a much longer design exercise to create the Seven and Super Seven, a re-imagining of the iconic Speakerlab 7. This took a year longer than expected, but to great result! The new Seven and Super Seven, like the Point Line, met or exceeded all of our design criteria (deeper bass, better on and off axis response, etc.). We have since added the Thirty and Super Thirty to our Legends Series, with more to come.

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