A thoroughly modern evolution of Speakerlab's great Speakers and Speaker Kits from the 70's and 80's!.

SpeakerLab's SL Speakers continue the ethos that reaches back to our origin in 1971: build amazing speakers at a great value, and provide kits so DIY audio enthusiasts can create something to call their own! Our speakers are honest, so our small speakers do what small speakers do well, and they don't pretend to be large speakers, while our big speakers do what large speakers do well, and they don't pretend to be small! Still built in Seattle, still amazing, and still a great value!

  • 10.06.21
    Our cabinet shop has been working through supply challenges like everyone else, but we just did a supplimental run so we can fill backorders. Thank you for your patience!

  • 09.08.21
    This was one of the setups our dealer was going to use at RMAF. Beautiful vintage Tag McLaren CD/DVD transport and preamp to run the Point1's, but where is the amp? Where indeed

  • 08.19.21
    Between heath risks, and the quickly diminishing projected attendance numbers, we have decided not to participate in CEDIA this year. While we are disappointed about having to cancel, this decision for our team appears to be in line with the majority of dealers and industry partners; the health risk is just too great.

    We haven't shown at CEDIA since 2017 (having done consumer shows like RMAF and Newport instead), but had planned to have a great show with some new products and a get together for the 50th anniversary with a bunch of our customers and partners from past and present. Hopefully we can all catch up at another show soon!


  • 08.18.21
    One of our kit customers just sent us nice pics of her assembly. It was her first build and she said it took her about 45 minutes. This kit (Point1 UVM) included unfinished veneer cabinets that she finished with a simple brush on satin poly.




  • 07.09.21
    For those of you that have inquired about our 50th anniversary party, we are now looking at dates in early fall (when we announced it two years ago, we had it planned for 7/7/2021 to coincide with our yearly open house... but covid, etc.). We should have a couple of new products to premier then too! As for 50th anniversary editions, instead of doing a special run of a couple of models, we will be doing bespoke custom builds of all models (with wood costs and supply chain issues, this is just making more sense!).

  • 02.13.21
    Just delivered a set of our Super SevenT-c kits in a custom (white oak) veneer so the customer can finish them to match his vintage Speakerlab speakers. This is the first of three sets we have going out this week (snow permitting!).
    Super Seven T-c